A basic income for Calgarians – why now?          

The idea of a basic income isn’t new or localized, it’s an idea that has been percolating around the world for centuries, played out in numerous pilots, with positive results. So, why haven’t we stamped our approval? Questions like that are floating around in abundance right now as we consider viable economic recovery strategies. Yet study after study has shown that a basic income works, that it makes sound economic sense.  

This is not business as usual, it’s an opportunity to build something more inclusive and efficient – a better way forward. Would it require changes and a few bumps along the way? Sure. But we’re already on a very bumpy road and a basic income can help fill in the holes.

A basic income creates opportunity. It presents new possibilities and options – perhaps you upgrade your education or stick with the minimum wage job you love while getting some extra assistance so you still have enough to pay for rent, or perhaps you’re the oil field worker stressed about lay-offs but this additional financial security pushes you to take a risk and start your own business. These are the opportunities Calgarians and Albertans want.

Basic income is the security that makes these opportunities a reality. A reality that sees our economy get back on its feet. Money in people’s hands trickles up into businesses and gets Alberta back on track – not back to where we were before, but to a better place, a place that solidifies the future of Alberta. And, we believe, minor differences aside, that this is something we can all agree on.

Take an interest – consider how a basic income affects you, your friends, and your family. A basic income can create opportunity – it fits with the future of Alberta and it certainly fits with Calgary’s innovative spirit.


What action can you take?

  • Get informed and engage in discussions with friends and family.
  • Challenge stereotypes around poverty, for example, this isn’t just about people needing to pull up their bootstraps and get a job, many low-income individuals have a job, many have two or three, but low paying jobs still may not be enough to meet one’s needs.
  • Write to your member of Parliament (MP), take action here.


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