YYC Arts Collective 2020

Alison Cherer grew up and attended school in Calgary. She loves most animals, but prefers horses, which inspires a lot of her artwork. 

She also loves Harry Potter, and has made many works of art based on it, including a big painting of all the Houses, which took over a year to complete. 

She uses acrylic paint on canvas, and likes to use a variety of colours. She also does watercolours and pottery.

Most of her inspiration comes from her own imagination. She has a big portfolio and displays it in her home and during the Calgary Stampede at the Western Oasis in the BMO Centre.

Alison is involved in the programming at Indefinite Arts, where she does all her painting, fibre crafts, painting, drawing, and pottery. Here, instructors help with her artwork, and she is able to learn and work in different mediums. 

Alison’s artwork varies from textiles like her orca whale print on a pillow to a painting of Hedwig (a Harry Potter character) to work with venetian plaster busts to mobiles with horse heads, dolphins, and flowers.