YYC Arts Collective 2020

Kathy M. Austin’s visual art has been shown in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, British Columbia, Italy, and Dubai. She curated her first solo art show in 2016. Kathy is an artist at the Indefinite Arts Centre. She has exhibited photographs in Edmonton, California, and Australia. Kathy, who is legally blind, also performs in the Momo Movement ensemble. She has published three books and numerous poems in Canada, the U.S., U.K., India, and in translation in Argentina. She lives in Calgary with her husband, Tom.

Kathy has been referred to as the “Queen of Media,” as she works in drawing, painting, sculpture, and fiber arts. Her process can be fast when facing a deadline in what she calls “art in a hurry,” but if she has the luxury of time she envisions the piece in her head, thinking about it for a long period before executing it. Inspiration envelopes her like motes of dust. Potential art bombards her through taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight. Through her limited vision she sees her world uniquely. Nature stimulates her creative spirit. Though Kathy considers herself self-taught, she has taken classes and taught classes.