YYC Arts Collective 2020

Melissa Knive is an artist from the rural county of Vulcan and the City of Calgary. A life’s experience worth of being labelled as “gifted” in certain areas but falling through the cracks in others has compounded into a diagnosis of psychosis and a place on the spectrum. She chooses to flex her talents in various artistic mediums including painting, photography, singing, writing, and public speaking. The process of learning about psychosis and the appearance of auditory hallucinations/voices has sorted out into forming Melissa’s Council of Consensus. Melissa’s art process has always been lead by her imagination, including shadows of trauma, but she is growing her knowledge of the foundational skills.

Melissa uses images from life and great artists of history to inspire her largely self-taught art. Currently, she is exploring the history of art and the works of Tolkien, which are inspiring much of Melissa’s work. Having a special eye for colour, she is also exploring how different mediums affect colour blending. 

Her experience working with Studio C at cSpace King Edward has been foundational in her recovery from workplace-related trauma and in her application to the much-needed AISH financial program. Melissa has started to develop her artistic skills through her work at Studio C at the career program Art Recruits and the Essential Skills workshop (an initiative of Prospect Human Services), including becoming a volunteer mentor for other participants.