Basic Income Through the Lens of Food Insecurity

“On September 6, 2017, Vibrant Communities Calgary and Basic Income Calgary invited keynote speaker Dr. Lynn McIntyre (Professor Emerita of Community Health Sciences at the University of Calgary) and panellists James McAra (CEO of the Calgary Food Bank and member of the Enough for All Compassionate Food Dignity Collaborative), Carole Carpot-Lacassagne, (social issues coordinator at the Women’s Centre), and Mary Salvani (Disability Action Hall) to discuss what a principles-based basic income guarantee would mean to the food insecure of Calgary.

In a country like Canada, where the only legislation to address food insecurity in over thirty years has been to support donations to food banks, the idea that a basic income guarantee could do more to ameliorate the issue than food-based solutions might sound unintuitive, even strange. But, as Dr. McIntyre told an audience of over 220 Calgarians, no study in Canada has shown that any food-based program reduces household food insecurity rates.”

To learn more, click here, or watch the event in full below.