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Basic Income Calgary is an action group of the Basic Income Canada Network and an Enough for All stakeholder. Basic Income Calgary’s goals align with Enough for All, Calgary’s poverty reduction strategy, and the growing national movement for a basic income guarantee.

We believe in and support the creation of a basic income guarantee program that would create a regular, predictable income, universally and unconditionally available to all who need it, and sufficient to provide for a decent life style and enable full participation in the community.

Be universal

A basic income is available to everyone and received by those who fall below a certain income, with no behavioural eligibility criteria.

Be Adequate

A basic income should be set a level that provides for a decent life style and enables full participation in the community.

Be Individual

The entitlement to and payment of a BIG should be on an individual basis, although the level of payment may be calculated based on household income and family size.

Be Complementary

Be a Complementary Part of a Broad Social Support System.

Not Impact

Current Recipients of Income Support Programs Negatively.

A basic income means that everyone’s
basic needs are met in a dignified and sustainable way